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Best Casino Tips from First Hand Experience

5 Slot Machine Tips for Beginners

Posted on December 23 2020, 04:26am

5 Slot Machine Tips for Beginners

The slot machine is one of the most straightforward casino games to play. You just have to place money and start rolling. There is no proper rule or tactic to play it, but in this article, I will tell you five tips about Slot Machines that you should follow if you are a beginner.

Tip 1: Result is Random and cannot be Predicted

It is the most valuable advice you need to learn while playing slots, by far. The machines become totally random, and no past events affect what will happen next.

So when you get somebody's suggestion that you must take a seat at a particular machine which hasn't paid out for a while because it is so due to pay out, then just neglect it. 

Tip 2: Progressive Slots can be Bad Sometimes

Progressive devices are not even that efficient for you sometimes. This generally happens when the Slot Machine has won the Jackpot recently. You also need to note that a small portion of your bet will immediately be taken on such slots and applied in the jackpot.

Although this is not bad if you expect to get a jackpot and conquer the almost unconquerable odds of doing so, it means that they will donate some of their money to the progressive jackpot without return for the regular player.

Tip 3: Review the Paytable

Every machine has a paytable associated with it, which will outline what is required to win the slot. The table shows each one of the symbols of the slot machines and offers instructions about how many symbols of those you will need to succeed in a row.

There are various values for symbols, from the numerous common to the uncommon ones, and the more of the symbols you get in various pay line, the higher you win.

Concerning these symbols, some machines can pay more than various other machines, so it is essential to know everything beforehand. Remember that the paytables are not an accurate representation of what would be on a computer with the pay rate.

Tip 4: Have a Knowledge About Bonus Round

The most enjoyable aspect of playing on video slots is that when you get a bonus function. These will offer you the chance actually to win, although you won't be winning every time.

Bonus features generally win you free spin or provide cash rewards for incentives. Whenever you reach the bonus round, each machine is distinct, so remember to check the paytable and see what is needed to win in the bonus round.

Tip 5: Try out Free Online Casino Slots

If you intend to play a particular slot machine, an online version that is free to play will almost always be found. That is also true for all slots in live casinos that you find and those who are in online casinos that you find. You'll be able to locate out if you like the game whenever you try the slot first, see how the bonus feature is like, and then get a general idea about what you're going to do when you play for real.

This is an excellent way of getting to know which slots you prefer to play when you're at the casino. It's doubtful you will be able to find some free play cash slots while you are at the casino, so bear that in mind and try to go through it online until you leave your house.

Now, if you're in South Africa, this Kiff Slots list of South African free spins casinos 2021 might come real handy for you.

Final Words

Use these five tips on slot machines for newcomers to have a greater chance of succeeding slots the next time you attempt. Even if you only use one or two of the tips, your performance and playing time will make a huge difference.


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