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Big Six Wheel Game - Rules Strategies & Tips to Help you Win

Posted on December 25 2020, 05:15am

Big Six Wheel Game - Rules Strategies & Tips to Help you Win

The Big 6 Wheel is a straightforward and based on luck and skill-friendly casino game. If you've ever seen Wheel of Fortune on TV, the wide spun wheel with several different sections will be familiar to you when the wheel stops.

Big Six is primarily a Casino Wheel match with a total of 54 segments and six various outcomes. Since it is a strictly lucky game, the house advantage is more significant than most other casino games, and there is no real strategy to maximize your chances of victory.

Big Six has many other titles, like Lucky Wheel, Big Wheel, Wheel of fortune, and Money Wheel at various casinos.

Procedure for Playing Big Six

The wheel begins to spin after you have decided how much you want to bet. With such a total of 6 different values, the wheel will stop on 54 segments. The sums that almost all commonly show would have the highest likelihood and thus the lower payouts.

Typically there are 52 segments with a number or character and two segments with the same joker or symbol as you play. These two segments are also the least likely to occur and are thus compensated most; according to where you perform the Big Six, the sum can be varied.

Once the wheel stops, the winner segment would be shown – probably at the top of the wheel and indicating an elastic piece of rubber that stops between the spokes on the side of each segment in a particular segment.

A standard wheel can be seen above, and at the top of the wheel, you can determine how much you'd like to bet on each spin and just how much you bet the overall amount you bet on multiplies the rubber piece.

Like any casino game, Big Six has a House advantage that ensures that the casino eventually has an edge to win. The house edge usually is lower when the payoff sum is small; however, as contrasted with most other casino games, the house edge is generally one of the highest in playing the big six.

As described before, Big Six is indeed a game of pure luck and does not need expertise at all, so it isn't easy to establish a strategic approach to improve a session's odds.

The best bets for those with a lower house edge, which means that you are more similar to win on those segments and end up betting on them. As these are also the most likely to arrive, they are the best chance for you to win by far.

You will not get wealthy, though, by wagering on these segments because of low payouts; however, some players would prefer Logos or jokers that occasionally come in but pay much more and when their luck is there.

There are better casino games than Big Six if you want to take extra time playing with the expectation of walking ahead at the end of the session.

Tips for Playing Big Six

You must make sure you bet throughout your means, like any casino game. So, make sure you decide what you can afford to give up before beginning a session, and make sure that you stay at this number. If you plan on betting 1€ per spin, you will need a budget of €40 to get your session underway. We suggest that you begin with at least 40 bets.

When using Big Six, make sure your decision is not fatigued, depressed, or intoxicated, making it easier for you to lose.

The main thing in every casino game would be to have fun and enjoy it.


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